Why work with me?

Fee Only: My financial advice is not tainted by self-interest as I receive no commissions or other third-party payments.

Fiduciary Duty: As Portfolio Manager and CFA Charter holder, I have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest.

ETF Portfolios: I believe in using low cost ETF’s to manage portfolios and employ a global macro-economic strategy to fully diversify client assets.

Typical Clients

Our clients include professionals and retirees who do not have the expertise, interest, or time to manage their own investments. They’re hard at work building their careers, serving their community, or enjoying their free time during retirement.

Our clients are not looking to pick stocks or buy mutual funds, since an overwhelming amount of empirical research shows that stock-picking/mutual funds under perform the market over the long term.

Our clients rely on us to help them build a disciplined financial plan to meet their long term goals of retirement, estate planning, charitable giving, or other financial goals.

Geographically, my firm, IceCap Asset Management Ltd. is based in Halifax, but can work with clients across Canada.


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